Size Matters!

Size Matters!

When it comes to obtaining news clips from a monitoring service, what is most important to you? Quality? Resolution? Format? Price? Speed? One size does not fit all.

We always ask our clients how they will be using the clip(s). This helps us determine which size best fits their needs. Often times, more than one video file is applicable. The middle-of-the-road-sized video is great for sharing on the computer or a smart device, and likely be too large to email. And, that middle-of-the-road-sized video may look great at that size, but try to project that same video on a wall or view it on a large screen TV, and pixelation occurs–it now looks blurry. Even a high quality standard definition (4:3 ratio) video will look slightly fuzzy when greatly enlarged. The lack of sharpness is easily noticeable on as small as a 40″ TV/monitor.

How does one obtain even higher quality video? High definition video (HD) is the answer! While HD is not yet available everywhere, and actually currently only available in a limited number of local TV markets (DMAs) and many cable channels and TV networks, the difference in quality is truly amazing! Once you’ve experienced a taste of HD video, it’s difficult to return to SD video.

News Exposure records both in SD & HD. And, is the only monitoring service in the industry to permanently archive HD video. While HD video is more expensive to record, more expensive to archive, and more expensive to provide, the difference is amazing enough that you will impress your audience time and time again!

Check out the web page dedicated to depicting the difference between the quality of HD & SD video.